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'Change for Me' - Collab with KibbieTheGreat by PhantomBadger

I was searching though the list of deviations I hadn't looked at in the longest time, and I passed by this. Of all the ones that got me the most, it was this one. I really do like the simple yet, detailed and unique look, especially the uniqueness of the Changling queen lurking over cadence. While the two together is not a "unique idea" I feel the style done for this (almost as if she's more of a shadow than anything) is very well designed even distinguishing (+1 for impact).
Visually, the two things I would correct are the background (the design almost feels lacking in a sense, it works, and it's going on my computer once I finish this, but it feels as if it has more potential) I would criticize the black spaces for its lack of design, but since this is a wall paper, it compliments a good place to set Icons. The Bubble medium also feels a little too bright behind Chrysalis. And the aurora given off by the circle that is Chrysalis, feels overpowered by the white background and in a sense doesn't seem to match up with the darkness reflected on Cadence. (I hope that made sense)
In terms of originality, I like the way Chrysalis lurks over Cadence as a shadow, I guess kind of blending into the piece itself.
In terms of Technique, well, I don't exactly like the overused Cadence vector. I've seen the vector used way to often (Kind of cuts a little into my feel of originality because I've seen it all to often) I kind of wish she had her own design like Chrysalis. other than that, I've really got nothing.
In terms of impact? I was shuffling through 300 wallpaper pieces and after going through about half of them, this was the first thing that stuck out to me and I had to stop and say something: BAM. EPIC... Keep up the good work and Keep on artin
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PhantomBadger Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Thank you for the critique :) Its not often I get legitimate critique, I really do appreciate it, and I'll take what you mentioned into account for future pieces c:
usernameirrelevant Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :) thanks for putting out work to aspire to.
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